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The Story

Originally started by former I For An Eye vocalist and "The Pants" drummer Dave Swillum and former Pax Romana vocalist Ethan Hunter Broadwing was born in 2015 when the initial two joined forces after their bands dissolved. The artists felt compelled to write from all of their musical tastes instead of being stuck in the same genre's they had always played.


After Ethan moved to Nashville, TN to pursue his passion the group was joined by drummer Scott Kelly and guitarist Ryan Desharnais to continue writing new music and furthering the groups tastes and sound. In 2019 the band released their Debut EP "Nomad" about stories from college and life getting out into the world. Their following 2020 EP "Tennessee" shows major life changes for the band, humoring hard times with a DIY acoustic forward sound  seeing successes in the underground alternative New England scene.


In 2022 after being joined by drummer Gage Gallant, moving, and life challenges the group released new modern alt blends later in the year with their singles "I DNT WNT 2 B ANYONE" and "This Year." following with teaming up with platinum award winning producer Tom Denney (formerly of A Day To Remember) to release their popular release "repeat" featuring Tom on guitar after flying down to Florida to shoot a music video together. Broadwing continues to play in the New England Music scene influenced by old hardcore roots, a 90's alt. childhood, and modern pop and rap influences. With recent years of momentum the group works to release more music than ever and play shows in new cities in 2024 around the country and internationally. 

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