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About Broadwing

Rising from their original DIY acoustic emo indie rock scene in New England to a newly heightened blend of alt rock genres, you can still hear the roots of their past musical endeavors but with a strong combination of modern influences. 

Portland Maine based alternative three piece Broadwing brings nostalgic pop-punk sing along lyrics and stage energy to a modern sound and audience. With a rock foundation of guitar and drum set and samples, beats, and synths Broadwing brings sounds of emo trap, hyperpop, hip hop, dark pop and metal to emo music. 

Smashing guitars, stage dives, DIY energy, and sing a long simple lyrics bring high energy performances at Broadwing shows and music videos that appeal to a greater alt audience.   


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24 EPK BWing: About
24 EPK BWing: About

The Upcoming Single 

Out Everywhere 2.2.24

After teaming up with LA based Grant Kemp, Nashville’s lolitslea, and Florida based platinum award winning producer Tom Denney we are excited to bring this back to Maine with us to release a true alternative collaboration “Same Old Psycle”. With an insane asylum shoot in Boston with all the props, action shots in the woods of New Hampshire, and some interesting ways to create backing short form video later, we can’t wait for you to join us on 2.2.24 for this multi-artist release.


Please enjoy this exclusive high fidelity listen before it's release date to the public on February, 2nd, 2024 and feel free to download a copy at the link below.

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About The Song

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Broadwing, Grant Kemp, and lolitslea unite their musical prowess in the dynamic pop punk anthem, "Same Old Psycle."


The collaboration seamlessly fuses Broadwing's pop punk sound with breaks of hyperpop and emo rap influences, creating a modern alternative masterpiece that resonates with a broad audience.


Produced by platinum award-winning producer and writer Tom Denney (formerly of A Day To Remember), "Same Old Psycle" boasts a powerful sonic landscape. The infectiously catchy melodies explore cyclical personality flaws and self-sabotage tendencies with fresh perspectives on the repetitive nature of personal challenges from all three artists.


The track's energetic vibe is complemented by Grant Kemp and lolitslea's captivating performances. With its upbeat tempo, relatable lyrics, and a blend of alternative genres and artists' talent, this single is set to captivate listeners from day one.

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