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About Broadwing

Rising from their original DIY acoustic emo indie rock scene in New England to a newly heightened blend of alt rock genres, you can still hear the roots of their past musical endeavors but with a strong combination of modern influences. 

Portland Maine based alternative two piece Broadwing brings nostalgic pop-punk sing along lyrics and stage energy to a modern sound and audience. With a rock foundation of guitar and drum set and samples, beats, and synths Broadwing brings sounds of emo trap, hyperpop, hip hop, dark pop and metal to emo music. 

Smashing guitars, stage dives, skateboards, and sing a long simple lyrics brings high energy performances at Broadwing shows and music videos.  


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Music Video Exclusive Sneak Peak

The Upcoming Single 

Out Everywhere 10.21.22

After renting a skate park, taking a ferry out to an island to an abandoned WW2 bunker in Maine to break things, and holding on to our lock down song we are SO excited to share this new single with you. 


Please enjoy this exclusive high fidelity listen before it's release date to the public on October 21st 2022 and feel free to download at the link below.

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About The Song

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When it rains it pours and Broadwing is brewing up a storm with their upcoming single 'This Year', the follow up to the volitant ‘I DNT WNT 2 B ANYONE’.

'This Year' is the anthemic pop punk lockdown song that we needed. Singing of wasted youth and growing pains of adulthood and filled with the excitement of getting out to see friends and family for the first time in a long time. Blending pop punk with emo, trap and hyper pop and mixing the highs, the lows, the smoke, and the booze, the song is both quirky and humorous, yet blunt and full of hard truths and even harder hitting drums. While not every year can be your year, This Year surely is Broadwing’s.

The sky's the limit for this Portland, Maine based emo duo and they've got no plans of landing.