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About Broadwing

Rising from their original DIY acoustic emo indie rock scene in New England to a newly heightened blend of alt rock genres, you can still hear the roots of their past musical endeavors but with a strong combination of modern influences. 

Portland Maine based alternative two piece Broadwing brings nostalgic pop-punk sing along lyrics and stage energy to a modern sound and audience. With a rock foundation of guitar and drum set and samples, beats, and synths Broadwing brings sounds of emo trap, hyperpop, hip hop, dark pop and metal to emo music. 

Smashing guitars, stage dives, skateboards, and sing a long simple lyrics brings high energy performances at Broadwing shows and music videos.  


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Music Video Exclusive Sneak Peak

The Upcoming Single 

Out Everywhere 4.14.23

After flying from Maine to Florida to shoot a music video with platinum award winning writer and former founding member of A Day To Remember Tom Denney we are SO excited to share this new single with you. A jacked up jeep, long board skateboard, and 50 degree pool later and we are ready to bring some summer nostalgia vibes to you. 


Please enjoy this exclusive high fidelity listen before it's release date to the public on April 14th 2023 and feel free to download at the link below.

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About The Song

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BroadWing is flying higher than ever by collaborating with Tom Denney formerly of A Day To Remember and current of Sounds Like Color to create “repeat”, the electrifying, pop punk anthem full of summer vibes we all need right now.


"repeat" captivates the restlessness of being stuck in a nostalgic loop while living the mundane day to day of adult life. Dave’s lyrics tell of repeatedly reliving cherished moments, a feeling that's both comforting and frustrating at the same time, in a raw, passionate chorus that is destined to play on repeat in your head.


BroadWing recreates the high-energy pop punk sound from the Warped Tour days, but in a way that feels fresh and new using Gage’s spirited drums and in your face fills, modern samples, Tom Denney’s driving, high-energy guitar riffs, and Dave’s raw, anthemic vocals make up “repeat”.


Denney's collaboration with BroadWing on this track brings an extra level of excitement. As a former member of A Day To Remember, Denney’s songwriting and production adds a new and unique layer to BroadWing’s already dense sound. The collaboration elevates the track to new heights, creating a sound that is simultaneously contemporary and rooted in the genre's roots.


Overall, "repeat" is the must-listen, heart-on-sleeve, pop punk summer anthem that you will want on repeat in your drop top, poolside, or on your way to summer concerts. 

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